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Oriana News

• December 28, 2015 This website has been updated - will be adding a making of page soon.

• January 30, 2014 Years after "Oriana" has been released, shown through film festivals throughout the world continuing to be viewed and enjoyed through the internet. It being used as a teaching aid in several schools in Portugal such as the "Escola EB 2 e 3 André Soares" in Braga.

• February 17, 2011 "Oriana" has been requested to screen at the Haida Gwaii Film Festival 2012!

March 10, 2011 "Oriana" has won "Annex Pro Best Animation Award" for its screening in the VWIFF 2011! The full film has now been posted on Vimeo: vimeo.com/7728486 and YouTube: youtu.be/NG8fsoiaB20

• Jan. 6, 2011 "Oriana" will be playing at the Vancity Theatre as a part of the VWIFF 2011.

• Oct. 24, 2010 Just returned from my trip to the Azores Portugal, where the government sent me for a dance workshop/tri-island performance entitled "Danças e Voltas com Sentido e Memória (2010)" and also to attend the opening ceremony for the screening of "Oriana" as part of LabJovem festival. You can read about it in my blog here. Also, there is a New Screening during Vancouver's Short Film Festival!

Jun. 4, 2010 New Screening during Vancouver's Portuguese Heritage Month.